Global Nutrition Report

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Global Nutrition Report


This report highlights the global nature of malnutrition and the successes and bottlenecks in addressing it. Malnutrition continues to affect the lives of millions of children and women worldwide. Every country is affected by some form of nutrition problem. This calls for countries to put in place appropriate strategies to overcome the problem in a concerted manner. But it isn’t an easy task. We all have many priorities and concerns that compete for our attention, our resources, our energy, and our political commitment. Ethiopia strongly believes that for a country to achieve sustainable human and economic growth, it must give special attention to the early stages of life as the foundation of human capital. We also believe that aligning and harmonizing partners’ plans with the government is critical to delivering results in the most efficient and effective manner. This necessitates not only more money for nutrition, but also more value for money.


Global Nutrition


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